We Know Trading

Our Story

Trading is difficult. Not everyone who tries it succeeds. In fact most who try fail. 

Over the years many people have approached us and told us they were going to try trading from home. These casual approaches always troubled us as we knew that the odds were stacked against them, especially as they were not getting the benefits of guidance, mentoring, information sharing, and support that comes with sitting on a trading desk with successful traders. 

So we built TradeDay to change that.

We set out to create a ‘virtual trading room’, an environment that offers as close as possible the advantages professionals have when they sit at their Trading desk in a Proprietary Trading Group, Hedge Fund, or Bank, along with the ability to fund those with successful strategies.

The Founders

We have 45 years of industry experience between us, with 30 years of successful trading. We have mentored and managed teams of traders and built Professional Trading groups. We know what’s important in trading, where to focus, how you should approach your trading. 

James Thorpe

  • 15 years of successful trading
  • 10 years of managing Professional Trading Groups
  • 4 Years as a Broker
  • 2 years as an Exchange Executive
  • Former CEO of Mercury Derivatives, former CEO of Lakeside Trading LLC

London – Shanghai – Chicago

Chris Katsulis

  • 15 years of successful trading of futures and options
  • Senior trader at Lupo
  • Head of Desk at DV Trading LLC
  • Head of Trading at Tibra America LLC
  • Senior Trader at Infinium Capital Management 

Chicago – London – Chicago

TradeDay is proud to be working with these partners

Steve Miley –  MarketChartist 

Former Director of Research at Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse, Steve now lectures, contributes to a number of blogs, and runs his own research subscription service offering technical analysis on world markets. Steve has over 16k twitter followers.

Harry Daniels – LiveSquawk Radio.

Harry and his team have been providing live market commentary, insightful opinion, and fundamental analysis for over a decade now. They are FED, ECB, and MPC accredited, and  have clients ranging from Professional Trading Groups,  to Hedge Funds and Banks 

Steve Ward – High Performance Coach

Steve is a world-renowned performance coach who has spent over fifteen years working with traders and fund managers at institutions across the globe. He has also worked with elite athletes and sports teams, and professional poker players, and he is the author of four books on trading psychology.