Trading is difficult, and the possibility of losing all your money is real.

At TradeDay we understand the challenges and risks you face trading in a profitable and consistent way, and we certainly know how bad trading habits can lead to poor performance.

But here’s the good news. We have 45 years of industry experience and 30 years of successful trading between us, and we have trained hundreds of aspiring traders with many success stories along the way.

We’ve walked your path and  we know we can help you finally feel confident trading.

TradeDay are fully invested in

The Right Guide

We are successful traders. Not only have we had long careers as traders, but we have also built proprietary trading desks and offices, and managed and mentored hundreds of other traders.

The Right Support

We have collaborated with leaders in the Industry such as The Market Chartist, LiveSquawk, and Steve Ward, to create a learning, guidance and mentoring environment that sets you up for success.

The Right Path

Our evaluation test is based the principles of successful trading. The rules of the evaluation test are simple, transparent, and the same for everyone. Pass the evaluation and we guarantee funding you as a trader.

The Right Platform

We have created a platform that allows you to learn and trade from your phone to your desktop, from your home to the beach!

Path To Funding

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Learn how to trade from professional traders

Get Evaluated

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Get Funded

Pass our Evaluation Challenge and we guarantee funding you with our capital to trade live

The wrong approach will result in you losing money in the market

Without guidance and a mentor the chances of success are stacked significantly against you. The risks are elevated further if you are trading your own money.

However, with the right guide you can increase your chances of success.

The TradeDay team are here to help

Our platform will ensure you are focusing on the right areas in trading and are making better decisions in the market. We want you to become a successful trader, work from anywhere,  and enjoy the feeling of taking money from the markets!

Hear from some of our success stories

Inside TradeDay's Virtual Trading Room

Support and Guidance


Don’t know anything about Futures? Don’t know where to start? Want to understand risk management better? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We have courses that will take you from zero to hero!


We have daily morning meetings where we take a look at the day ahead, bi-weekly live streams where we sit down and answer your questions, and a dedicated Trader Development area.


We have a live feed where we can share market observations and general trading room banter in real time. And a forums section where you can ask questions  and discuss trading in more depth.

The Trading Desk

High Performance Platform

We have partnered with Tradovate to deliver a trading platform that is both stable and fast, that works across IOS, MacOS, Windows, and Android. AND our sim trading uses real time market data.

24 Hour Market Commentary

We have partnered with LiveSquawk to deliver a 24 hour market commentary and scrolling news service, the same service used by Professional Trading Groups, Hedge Funds, and Banks

Technical Analysis and Research

We have partnered with Steve Miley – the Market Chartist, to run courses on understanding and developing your skills in Technical Analysis, and to deliver institutional grade research to you daily. 

Becoming a Funded Trader

A Clear and Transparent Path

Our path and rules to getting funded are the same for everyone. Prove that our capital is safe in your hands by passing our Evaluation Test and we will guarantee funding you to trade live.

The Trading Costs

TradeDay does not charge any commission on trading, The only trading fees you pay will be the commission charged to TradDay by its Broker, and the CME Market Data charge.  

You keep 80% of the profits

There are not restrictions or limits on account withdrawals. And not only do you get to keep 80% of the profits you make on your trading, but we  also give you 100% of  the first $5000 you make! 

Have Questions? We've Got Answers

Unfortunately yes it’s true, especially with retail traders. However by joining TradeDay we aim to show you how you can increase your chances of success AND remove the risks to your own personal capital.

We have built TradeDay for beginners to advanced traders and everyone in between. 

But Tradeday is not for everyone. Trading is difficult, and some of you will find our evaluation test difficult to pass. If you are looking for ‘a quick way to make easy money’ then TradeDay is not for you. 

However, if you are  interested becoming a consistent, profitable Trader, and are ready to put in the time and work to achieve this, then TradeDay is the right home for you.

For the price of  a daily Latte we can bring you the benefit of our years of experience, create a virtual trading room with the advantages professional traders have, and give you access to trading resources that would collectively cost you more than the monthly subscription alone. 

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We know, tests suck! But Trading is not for everyone, and many people don’t put in the work it takes to succeed. The assessment lets us know you are committed, you are on the right path, and our capital is safe in your hands.

The evaluation test is based on the fundamental basics of being a successful trader – a profitable strategy, prudent risk management, and discipline.

A lot of people will find the test difficult, just like successful trading is difficult, BUT just like successful trading it is not impossible!

TradeDay gives you the tools to develop the skills you need. You move at your own pace, and take as much time as you need. Your funded account is waiting for you on successful completion of the test! 

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TradeDay is a day trading community. It is a place for traders who are interested in short term trading. This is how we were taught, this is how we were successful, and this is what we teach.

However, we know that as your trading evolves you may want to take more long term views on the market. So, after the account is funded and you have built a trading balance of over $5000 we lift the day trading restrictions and you are free to trade as you like.

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No, we do not guarantee success. 

However, just like an guitar teacher, a golfing coach, or an acting mentor will improve the students technique and make them better in their field, at TradeDay we firmly believe we can increase your chances of being successful in the markets