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Keep the entire first $5000 you make, then 80% of the profits thereafter

Trading is not an easy task, so we created TradeDay to change that. TradeDay was designed to make trading simple, transparent, and approachable for anyone. If you’re interested in becoming a day trader but are afraid of the risks, TradeDay could be the perfect fit.

While many other day trading companies require day traders to post their own capital, TradeDay allows you to effectively day trade without the risk of losing your own capital. At TradeDay, our “virtual trading environment” offers all of the benefits and advantages that come with working surrounded by expert professionals in the office of a propriety trading group.

TradeDay functions as a trading resource for both experienced and aspiring day traders. As a trading company, we foster a community of education, resources, and funding where traders can learn from one another, compete, share strategies, and ultimately receive capital to deploy these strategies in the market.

If you’ve ever wondered if day trading would be a good fit for you, TradeDay is a great place to start. The trade industry is known to be extremely cutthroat and competitive, which leaves many aspiring traders unsure of where to start.

 It can be extremely challenging to fully understand the intricacies of trading without guidance, mentorship, and education. We built TradeDay to change this. At TradeDay, you can learn from experts, develop your skills, and utilize the resources that we provide to advance and grow as a day trader.

TradeDay’s system is designed with simplicity and transparency in mind. At TradeDay, we want all of our traders to succeed, so we spare no expense to make you as profitable a trader as possible. Listed below are some of the general steps of how we work: 

  • Sign Up For A Subscription Plan – TradeDay has a variety of subscription plan levels ranging from beginners to advanced, experienced traders. Each subscription plan includes procured tools and materials that have been hand-selected for your level to help you succeed and profit for a fraction of the cost compared to posting your own capital.
  • Utilize The Tools Provided – Depending on your subscription plan and level, the content and educational resources included can range from the basics of futures to advanced fundamental and technical market analysis. With these educational materials combined with mentorship, you can significantly improve your craft.
  • Understand Risk Parameters – Unlike other companies, we don’t give you fake balances. The standard day trading company trade day account starts at zero, and it is your job to build your balance from there. We believe that it is extremely important to be aware of your position size limits and how much you’re allowed to lose.
  • Remember The Rules – Similar to any other day trading company, Trade Day has rules and parameters that must be followed at all times. If you break any of the rules that have been set out, the challenge will be over. However, we will allow you to try a second time free of charge.
  • Get Evaluated – Once you utilize the tools and materials that we provide, you can get started with our trade day evaluation program. We use an evaluation dashboard to monitor your progress in real-time to see how you perform. Once you have completed the challenge, we are able to guarantee funding.
  • Start Trading As A New Member – Because you can pass our evaluation examination in as little as 15 days, you can get started trading fast. After you pass the exam, you can earn as much as $300K of the market risk capital for your training ideas, and, as a new member, you keep 100% of the first $5000 in profits and 80% moving forward.

Because TradeDay does not require traders to post their own capital, we have to make sure that our capital is safe in our day trader’s hands. Our evaluation program is strategically designed to allow traders to prove themselves resourceful and valuable.

If you successfully pass our evaluation challenge, we know that we can trust you with TradeDay’s capital going forward. TradeDay’s evaluation challenge was created based on the three most fundamental elements of successful trading:

  • Winning Strategy – A consistent winning strategy is paramount for success on trade day. At TradeDay, we believe that a winning strategy is accomplished when you reach the profit target of two thousand dollars, trade for at least fifteen days, and that no one trade day accounts for thirty percent of your total P+L.
  • Risk Management – Solid risk management is practically an art in the trade industry. At TradeDay, good risk management means that you do not surpass the daily stop loss of five hundred dollars, you do not exceed a trailing drawdown of fifteen hundred dollars, and you remain within the position limits set out for you by the risk rules.
  • Discipline – Disciplined trading is key to success. With discipline, all positions should be closed before the end of the trade day. Additionally, disciplined trading means you don’t trade over major economic announcements or releases.

When preparing for trade day, you can achieve success by keeping these three aspects in mind. With these instrumental building blocks in place, you set yourself up to increase your profits in the market.

At TradeDay, we know that there are a lot of different people from different backgrounds that are currently interested in becoming day traders. Because of this, we have created these three different plans to best suit the diverse experience and interest levels listed below:

  • 14-Day Free Trial – The 14-day free trial option is an incredible way to see if day trading is for you. With the 14-day free trial, you get full access to the TradeDay community, educational resources, and research. Additionally, you have limited access to mentoring and no evaluation for funding.
  • Beginner – Our beginner program offers full access to our community, educational resources, research, mentoring, and, when it is time for evaluation, you will be evaluated live with our standard risk limits.
  • Advanced – The advanced plan includes full access to our community, educational resources, research, as well as a 45-minute private mentoring session each month. With the advanced plan, your evaluation test has double the profit compared to beginners but also double the risk limits. We will even double the available risk in the funded amount.

Our services are made available to a variety of backgrounds and experience levels so that anyone can utilize our virtual trading environment and mentorship. These three options allow you to have a more personalized experience working with our organization.

With the right day trading company trade day is just steps away. If you’re looking to try day trading without risking losing any of your own capital, TradeDay could be a perfect fit. At TradeDay, we do more than just trade.

Our company was designed with the goal of creating an environment and community where day traders can learn from one another, share market expertise, implement new strategies, and profit.

When it comes to trading, we know how difficult it can be. With 45 years of experience in the industry and 30 years of trading success between our two founders, we know what works, and we want to give every trader the tools and materials to thrive, succeed, and profit.

If you are interested in working with a trading company that wants to help you advance as a trader, look no further than TradeDay. Our team of expert professionals is always happy to answer any questions or offer more information. Get started today!

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